Why the Owl Logo?

Why the Owl Logo?

Our owl is a reminder that art is a witness to and a representation of life, our milestones and memories held in the artefacts of our lives.

CONNIE DIMAS celebrates the seasons of our lives, the natural world, and our innate connections. Our handmade jewellery envelops historical references, ancient patterns and the organic materials. Our silver and gold jewellery involves complex techniques in an uncomplicated style for all women.

Our gift ranges are small and selected seasonally by artisans who create with the same passion. At Connie Dimas strongly believe in fostering and empowering select artisans, whether they pursue their crafts as a hobby or are emerging professionals. Our goal is to provide a nurturing environment that celebrates and supports their unique creative journeys, allowing their talents to flourish and thrive.

Visit us at Connie Dimas Jewellery and Artisans in Dulwich Hill.

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