The right type of detail

The right type of detail
One of the most traditional and effective techniques in metalsmithing is the hammering technique.
Our round Hammered Earrings are our best selling earring design. They are the right shape and size and most importantly not heavy. The right type of hammering size creates the small dips so the ☀️ light is reflected perfectly.
Perhaps one day in the future this piece will sit in a museum collection 😉
Made by hand in our studio. Making these earrings; it's loud and requires a good understanding of heating, cooling and a steady hand/eye coordination. Not to mention a good 💪workout. Otherwise, it will look like it was run through the shredder.
Available in our store or online. We also have the hammered design in two more styles, the square hammered earrings and the teardrop earrings.

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