Connie Dimas Jewellery owl logo

Jewellery Inspired by Life.

In ancient mythology, the owl was synonymous with Athena, goddess of wisdom and strategy, and guardian of Artisans and Craftspeople.
Our owl is a reminder that art is a witness to and a representation of life, our milestones and memories held in the artefacts of our lives.
 Jewellery reflects our personality, history, culture and the special memories and moments we wish to conjure, mark, celebrate, and share.

CONNIE DIMAS celebrates the seasons of our lives, the natural world, and our innate connections.
Our handmade jewellery envelops historical references, ancient patterns and the organic materials. Our jewellery involves complex techniques in an uncomplicated style.

We use real sterling silver and gold to create beautiful handmade jewellery that is affordable, and of the highest quality.

Our curated gifts ranges are small and seasonal.

Our studio is located in the Inner West suburb of Dulwich Hill.