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Connie Dimas Jewellery is made with the best of refined quality metals and sourced stones. Like all good quality products that you love, need a little tender care.

I do not surface treat my jewellery with anti tarnish or brightening chemicals, so here are some tips for you to maintain your quality handmade jewellery.


Polished surfaces

Polished jewellery can be maintained by using a jewellery polishing cloth.

Satin or Matt surfaces

Satin finishes are unique in that  tiny lines create the sating finish you see. To clean between these lines a more abrasive technique is needed to remove any perfumes, hairsprays, creams and body oils that might get trapped and cause a dulling or darkening look.

Gently rub each piece with a kitchen scourer or steelo wool and dish-washing detergent. Rinse with water and dry with a soft cloth. Repeat as needed.The quality of metals I use will dot damage your pieces.

Gold Plated surfaces

Only use a jewellery polish cloth and do not over rub, be gentle. The plating is a surface and with time will fade. With any plated jewellery avoid soap, water, detergents etc and keep plated jewellery stored in their pouches.


  • Avoid wearing your jewellery when completing activities such as cleaning, gardening, swimming and showering.
  • Apply your cosmetics, moisturizers and hair products before adding your jewellery with clean hands.
  • Do not spray perfume directly onto or around your jewellery.
  • Avoid impact with hard surfaces, including other items of jewellery. This will protect against scratching and chipping.
  • Please note that all metals oxidize naturally (darkening look) with time and will require maintenance. 


Store your jewellery in a moisture free room, in the box or pouches provided. Moisture and humidity can cause oxidation (darkening look) and tarnishing, so please avoid storing your jewellery in the bathroom and keep your jewellery away from all sources of heat.