Jewellery Care
Connie Dimas Jewellery is made using the best quality metals.
Like all good products that you love to always wear regularly, jewellery does need a little care as well.
As a valued customer we offer free complimentary cleaning for all Connie Dimas Jewellery in store only.
Please contact us first when needing to use this service.
Did you know with every Connie Dimas Jewellery purchase we include a small polishing cloth for free.
Clean Polished/Shiny surfaces
Polished or shiny silver or gold jewellery can be maintained by using a a reputable jewellery soft polishing cloth.
Clean Satin/ Matt surfaces
Satin finishes are handmade. They are tiny lines that create the satin finish you see. To clean between these fine lines a more abrasive technique is needed to remove any perfumes, hairsprays, creams and body oils that get trapped and cause a dulling or darkening look. Cleaning Connie Dimas satin/matt jewellery is easy:
1.Gently rub each piece in an even direction with a kitchen scourer or 'Steelo wool' with dish-washing detergent.
2.Rinse with water and dry with a soft cloth.
3.Repeat as needed.
The quality of metals we use will dot damage/rust your Connie Dimas Jewellery pieces.
We also have a reputable cleaning dip solution that can be used.
Gold-Plated surfaces
Only use a reputable jewellery polish cloth and do not over rub, be gentle. The plating is a coated surface and with time will fade. To prolong the shiny surface of your gold plated jewellery avoid soapy water, detergents and chemicals can tarnish surfaces. Keep plated jewellery stored separately in their pouches or acid free tissue paper.
Ways to maintain your Jewellery
Avoid wearing your jewellery when doing gardening, sleeping, cleaning, swimming and in the shower.
Keeping your jewellery regularly cleaned and in a dry place away from sunlight and not in contact with other jewellery is best.
Why does Jewellery Oxidise/Tarnish.
There is no one-size-fits-all solution for why jewelry oxidation/tarnishing happens. Sometimes lotions, sunscreens, perfumes and hair products, hormones/body chemistry can affect your jewellery surfaces. 
Weather conditions can affect oxidation/tarnishing like high humidity climates and places with high levels of air pollution.
Many brands coat their silver jewellery with anti-tarnish chemicals, we choose not to do so. In some cases the satin finish texture on the surface of the jewellery traps small particles and may cause some tarnish. We recommend that you follow the Clean Satin/ Matt Surfaces guide above, or we are happy to clean any Connie Dimas Jewellery designs.
Background on Metals
I want to give you a little background on metals and their alloys that will give you a better understanding of why jewelry oxidizes.
Pure metals like 24K gold and 99.9% silver tend don't tarnish as the metal is in its purest soft form. However, jewellery is rarely made from pure metals because they tend to be way too soft to for everyday use.
Metals like gold and silver are alloyed (mixed with other metals) to make them stronger.  For example, sterling silver jewelry is made up of 92.5% fine or pure silver and 7.5% copper or other white metals (it's a recipe).  When sterling silver is exposed to the air, it will oxidize over time. The rate at which it oxidizes depends on many different factors, which were addressed above.
We are always happy to help with any questions you might have. Contact us.