Connie Dimas Sydney Jewellery designer

About Me

Like all great and heroic tales, I stumbled into the calling that I was likely always meant for. Though I grew up with a shoemaker dad  and dressmaker mum, I chose to follow a path of academics, studying Science and Mathematics at the University of NSW, Sydney. But after years trying to find fulfillment in the Science sector, I stumbled across an opportunity to create jewellery in an unlikely social situation, and absolutely fell in love. I enrolled in college to study Jewelry and Object Design at Enmore Design Centre, Sydney and the rest as they say is history!

After graduating, I spent 5 years in a cooperative studio beginning my jewellery career, leaving behind the scientific world. Then moved on to pursue a career in the corporate world of jewellery. Growing and developing my skills for the retail business. Starting out as an assistant, I moved my way up to Product Manager for a large national retailer. This position allowed me the opportunity to travel all over the world, learning the industry, collaborating with designers and manufacturers, developing a successful category in the retail sector. The call to make jewellery was always there.

The creation process has always been my true passion, and the opportunity to work hands-on with customers and every dynamic aspect of designing to manufacturing their unique pieces of jewellery is an amazing experience. Combining this revived love for jewellery creation with my scientific background, I was able to establish my own business Connie Dimas Jewellery by hand.