Bee Love

March 08, 2018

Bee Love

"Bee Love" is more than just a cheesy line this year.
Bee earrings for the ladies and cuff links for the men are excellent ideas for gift options for Valentine’s Day.Bees have been considered to be messengers carrying good news to the spirit world. Bees represent wisdom and immortality. Bees represent love and also fidelity. Bees are bringers of good luck and symbols of prosperity.
We forget what the bees also teach us. To stop and smell the flowers.
Take time this Valentine's Day to live as the bees.
Stop and enjoy your surroundings.
Find the delicate balance of work and play.



You can easily find you ring size by measuring the inside diameter of an existing ring.

1. Measure the inner diameter in millimeters.
   2. Write this measurement down.
    3. Add this measurement into your shopping cart notes at checkout.
The most accurate way is for me to measure you, however this is the best approx way to find your size at home.
If you do not have a ring that fits or feel confident to measure yourself, I recommend that you swing by a jeweller or jewellery store and have your finger measured to get the accurate size.
Australian Ring Size guide