The best thing about having my workshop in the shop is that I can replace the half earring of any of my own jewellery designs that you have lost. I know that many of my customers wear my handmade jewellery everyday and losing one is very common during winter when scarves and jackets catch and the earring is lost. šŸ˜¢ Knowing who made your jewellery and to be able to reach the maker is not only important but delves into a whole lot of other moral dilemmas. I don't think many brands are committed to this issue, especially online stores and many fashion brands.

Pictured earrings; for this customer I was able to make and match a half earring from a design made 30 years ago, not by me. This customer held on to the original half for sooo long. How cool is that!Ā 

If you have a sentimental half pair of an earring contact me and we can discuss here.


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