Custom handmade birthday necklaces

Custom handmade birthday necklaces

Custom semi-precious stone necklaces are one of my favorite collaborations. Celebrate your special birthday with a custom necklace . I love working with you to create a custom necklace that you can wear for years, which will then become your signature jewellery. Just contact me and we can make a time here.

If you know what you want, then its easier to design and make for you. If you don't then this is the hard bit. During our chat I'm listening and analyzing you and what your saying, images flicking in my mind trying to match your style, my design and what the possible stones that I have in my trove could be. I sometimes latch on a thread of an idea and see what those options might be. I might bring out some stones and play around with ideas. I always ask myself, how will this look in 10 or so years.... my moto is 'timeless' and easy to wear just like my earrings.

When I look at Georg Jensen jewellery, it is timeless, made well with simple lines. It might look simple but that is the most hardest thing to achieve. Busy designs with lots of parts and dangling bits that might catch or be too heavy are not my thing.

My necklaces are handmade using semiprecious stones that are sometimes one-or-a-kind, just like this one, its a double pyramid cut banded agate, each stone is individually knotted and the sterling silver handmade clasp is also the side feature. There was enough stones for only two of these necklaces to be made. How lucky were these ladies, simply beautiful.

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