Melis hand-crafted, 100% natural perfume has been created to literally awaken your senses.

Melis was created to inspire a more conscious, natural and connected way of living with ourselves and those around us. Melis founder, Melissa Italiano has always been conscious of the power of scent as a bypass for stressful moments in her own busy life and its ability to assist in her journey, via the senses, to live a mindful life in the ‘now’ with more intent.

The Beautiful Truth of Natural Perfume.

Many commercially available, big brand perfumes are made using synthetic fragrances that allow manufacturers to create memorable, consistent, and unusual scents.

The downside is that these perfumes often contain phthalates, parabens, and petrochemicals. Given that the chemicals are absorbed directly into our bloodstream, some research suggests these ingredients can have a serious impact on our health, playing havoc with hormone function and even fertility.

Like liquid nectar, they’re created from only pure essential oils and botanical ingredients - a gift directly from Mother Nature.


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