Greek zucchini fritters

Greek zucchini fritters

Last weekend I made a tzatziki (yogurt) dip and it really needed an accompaniment. So I turned to my mums recipe of zucchini fritters. These with a glass of wine and the dip. Nostimo!

For two years now I have been cooking( experimenting) traditional Greek dishes once a month, I cook recipes of my mum or dishes from my all time favorite Greek cookbook Vefas Kitchen. Vefa is to me the Greek Maggie Beer.

I've cooked some fab dishes and some are questionable, mainly because my mum just lists the ingredients and not the quantities! So I guestimate.(unfortunately she no remembers)

Like most women of this generation of extraordinary women most recipes are based on instinct, trusting their senses of sight, feel and smell. So cooking  all these dishes has taught me confidence and to trust my instincts not only in cooking but in general.

Zucchini recipe:

4  zucchini grated

2 eggs

Chopped herbs parsley, mint, dill, spring onions.

1 grated onion

150g feta

Self raising flour 4 - 6tablespoons

Salt & pepper

Olive oil for frying

The How to:

Salt the grated zucchini, squeeze excess juice and let strain out in a collander.

Chop half bunch parsley, mint and dill.

Finely slice 2-3 spring onions.

Grate 1 small white onion.

In a bowl mix zucchini, herbs, onions, eggs, crumbled feta.

Add flour, if mix seems really wet and sloppy add another 1 -2 tablespoons of flour.

Heat your olive oil and drop dollops of mixture using tablespoon.

Fry one side till golden brown, then turn.

Drain on paper.


Oil not too hot, they will burn before they cook.

Don't crowd the pan as the temperature drops and fritters absorb more oil.



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    • Nerida Smith -

      Hi Connie, Hope you are well, thanks for the recipes and the profound comments. Over quite a period of time, I am on a mission to set up a collection of memorabilia for my two and a half year old granddaughter Ava, ( you made her a silver bracelet some time ago), for posterity. This will take quite a long time, hoping that she will enjoy this when I am no longer here. I am including your recipes as part of that collection, and letting her know that like your mum, her mum has a similar instinct when she cooks, ( makes exceptional pasta, much of the time based on natural instinct as you say). Thank you for the contribution, will be reading your emails for more literary gems.
      regards, Nerida

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