This Friday 14th Feb is Valentine's Day. 

Most of us have been impacted in some way by this summer we’ve experienced. Our mindset is shifting. The campaigns of support to regional and affected areas have been extraordinary and the debates have been fierce on climate change and our resources. No doubt moving forward has to be different on all levels.

Now, more than ever supporting small local businesses, especially the artisans that make their goods locally, here in Australia is crucial.

You might want to know that the precious metals I use to make my jewellery are so local, in fact, one refiner is here in Marrickville. My workshop is here in my shop and the stock might not be bursting out of the cabinets, I have a beautiful range for you to choose from. I can also design and make something unique for you or your loved one.

If you are not sure, I have gift vouchers you can buy in-store or online and can be redeemed instore or online as well, just go to




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