Stunning silk scarves made in Greece have arrived. A family business that has been weaving traditional handicrafts for the last 40 years.

The Bouroulitis family is based in Soufli a small town in eastern Thrace near the Turkish border that is renowned for its quality and artistry in sericulture and silk weaving. By the 20th century, Soufli had become an important trade center and the silk weaves from Soufli were exported around the world.

My favourite print is the giant horse heads. Simple, graphic and strong.

The horse’s long affiliation with gods and heroes in Greek mythology no doubt also fostered a special respect and admiration for this remarkable creature. Athena was also the inspiration behind the cunning Greeks’ infamous Trojan Horse which ultimately led to their victory at the Battle of Troy. Achilles and his immortal horses Balios and Xanthos. Alexander The Great and his horse Bucephalus.

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