Sustainability is not new for Connie Dimas

Sustainability is not new for Connie Dimas
Here at Connie Dimas Jewellery, we have always been extremely conscious of the impact that our business has on the environment. It is not a new idea for us, but part of our brand values from the very beginning. Our handmade jewellery collections are made by using as much recycled offcuts of precious silver and gold metals as we can, catching even the tiniest metal dust specs that we call to as lemel.
The mining of any metal, has a destructive impact on our environment; not to mention the large amount of metals being thrown away each year through things like old mobile phones and costume jewellery. We are working hard to help combat the waste of precious resources to create more sustainable jewellery through every step of our making process.
We start by buying recycled precious sterling silver and precious gold metal for our jewellery pieces from businesses that share the same values. Unused sterling silver and gold scrap along with the lemel is collected from our workbenches, melted down and remade into wire or sheet metal that is used in our handmade earrings, rings and necklaces.
Our melting pot gets a good work out. Additional materials such as precious and semi precious stones are repurposed where can to create new designs.
Ceramic jewellery is handmade by artisans that use every bit of the clay.
Wooden jewellery is made by any recycled offcuts from various projects.
We do not gold plate in house, this process is done buy reputable and responsible businesses in the industry we have worked with for many years. 
 We can repurpose and/or repair some of your fashion resin jewellery. We might not be perfect but we always try.
We mostly use paper packaging and when any plastic packaging is used, it is to protect the journey of your beautiful precious jewellery in transit until it reaches you. We also use small plastic pouches for our custom work and components so they are visible and protected in our workshop. We welcome any returns of our packaging for reuse.
Instead of paper Gift Certificates, we also offer virtual Gift Certificates that can be redeemed online or in our store.
As a small Australian business we will continually aim towards as much zero waste, recycling and repurposing as we can and will constantly assess our practices.

Jewellery repairs is another huge part of our business in reducing landfill. It is part of our brand strength. We have been repairing and repurposing jewellery for our customers. We get very excited re imagining old jewellery into new designs.
Our unique handmade jewellery is of the highest quality and we are proud that very little repair is needed on our own designs. We guarantee all our work. We repair, remodel and restring your heirloom pieces that range from the inexpensive to the most precious. 
At Connie Dimas we believe that jewellery is a representation of life, our milestones and memories and should be preserved.
Shop confidently with us and lets celebrate unique handmade sustainable jewellery for many years.
Connie Dimas

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