MELIS natural parfum inspried by nature's truth.

MELIS natural parfum inspried by nature's truth.

I met the wonderful creator of this NEW range of pure Australian made parfums, Melissa Italiano a few months ago and was inspired by her philosophy that the power of scent as a bypass for stressful moments and it's ability to assist via the senses, to recalibrate your brain, connecting back to yourself by smelling your favourite scent and mindfully selecting your brain’s memory imprint to your personal vibration and wellbeing. If you think about it, yes it does.

Melis 100% natural fragrances are derived purely from botanical species you would likely recognize, including rose, jasmine, and even the kaffir lime tree.
Like liquid nectar, they’re created from only pure essential oils and botanical ingredients - a gift directly from Mother Nature. Created to inspire a more conscious, natural, and connected way of living with ourselves and those around us.

The packaging is superb, the story, inspiration, and philosophy for each fragrance is attached to the packaging for you to understand its intent.

Available in my shop.

Read all about MELIS philosophy HERE.

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