When Carl starts talking about the beautiful scarves he hand looms, I am hooked. How the natural pigments are extracted from the cabbage, tree lichen and various flowers, I am mezmerized by the sheer alchemny of the process. These scarves are one-of-a-kind and super soft.

Even in the way each scarf is named like,'Only a Ginger', 'Bloomin' Lattice', 'Denim Sun' perfectly describes each scarf and the unique pigments it's made from.

This is Carl and in his own words.....

"I grew up an a farm with my grandparents. It was a childhood of making things from what you found...sticks, old twine dried grass, tree branches and discarded fence posts. You could make a castle from that stuff and play in it for hours.

There is something of that magic, gathering lichen and leaves to use for dye. There is a meditation in preparing the yarn for dying with every centiment passing through your hands as it gets skeined to the length of the piece.

Dyeing the yarn starts a journey of discovery. Each dyeing produces hoped for and surprise outcomes. Placing the yarn on the loom is like telling a story, laying down  each line one at a time. Imagining and then placing the colours. Watching for unexpected patterns to form and at times letting the yarn speak for itself as it's changing colours play out it's own geometry and rhythm. Once the loom has the warp threads wound on the last conversation begins. Choosing and watching as each weft thread is placed. Looking for plays and patterns...Watching the colours blend and sing. There is treasure at the end. All bound together with colour and texture."

Come into the shop and feel these super soft luxurious creations. One sale in the store or online.

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