Thinking of Father’s Day?

August 29, 2018

Thinking of Father’s Day?

Beautiful handmade shoes make me think of my Dad, Nicholas.

We all have things that remind us of our Dads, vivid memories that we think of on Father’s Day.

For some it is cooking, sport, telling jokes or spending time in the garden. For me I always think of the beautiful handmade shoes my Dad makes and wears, how much he hates thongs, and his ability to slip into a “lamb coma” after a festive Greek meal!

A cobbler and artisan most of his life, I have watched him make shoes in his various workshops over the years. If I close my eyes I can see him methodically securing the soft leather onto the wooden shoe last. I can hear him tapping tiny nails, held in his mouth to keep his hands free, into the leather and wood while gradually stretching and forming the leather into shape. In my memory I can even smell the glue. He would spend hours and days doing this, making shoes for normal feet and for feet that need that extra bunion covered or high arch.

At 78 his is still hand-making shoes, a meditative and rewarding process for him. I have brought him out of retirement and his beautiful leather boots, shoes and slides are available in my shop -sturdy, timeless and sensible - just like my jewellery.

The idea for him to make shoes for the shop came to me while he was in hospital. He was walking around in a public ward in his prison striped flannel pyjamas and the most beautiful pair of Cary Grant style leather loafer slippers that he made for himself before going into hospital. His one indulgence, being a cobbler, is good shoes, and his other, being Greek, is food! He is particularly famous for his ‘Houdini’ naps after a lamb feast.

I am so proud of my Dad, who has used his talent and craftsmanship to help him battle some serious health issues.

Although the shoe display in my shop may look like a homage to my father, it is also a reminder that we need to treasure all bespoke craftspeople and keep their skills alive.

It is also an inspiration to me in my jewellery making as I have come to realise that we share many creative values. Like my Dad I love using quality materials using simple tools to make beautiful things that last. Like my Dad I believe in repairing jewellery or bringing a new life to it by redesign, not because it’s expensive, because you love it or it means something to you. My Dad and I respect that.



Bookings for fittings on handmade shoes can be done via my shop or call me on 0424246168. For sensible shoes ONLY!



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