The Greek silk scarves have finally arrived all the way from Greece. By a family who has been raising the silk worms and weaving traditional handicrafts for the home for the last 40 years. They are based in Soufli a small town in Eastern Thrace near the Turkish border that is renowned for its quality and artistry in sericulture and silk weaving. By the 20th century Soufli had become an important trade center and the silk weaves from Soufli were exported around the world.

What I love about this family business is that Dimitra their daughter who studied graphic design has pushed part of the business into a new era. She has created the most amazing range of scarves that really bowled me over. Inspired by Greek traditional weaving patterns and mythology. She has modernized these patterns digitally into fresh and whimsical colors and patterns. She has taken small excerpts of frescos and mosaics to create striking patterns.

I have three styles in  the neck scarves. Perfect for this not too cold weather. All the scarves come boxed. Check out the different styles and order yours here.

If you want to have a peak of the area of Soufli and the factory where these treasures are made check out the video; though the video is in German, its still gorgeous footage to watch. Follow this link here.

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