Crafting and Memories

Crafting and Memories

There is always a strong connection between my jewellery and precious memories, growing up surrounded by the hum of a sewing machine and stacks  of fabric pieces: my mum was a seamstress. Fabrics with beautiful textures, colours and prints and boxes of zips, buttons and threads in every shade that you can imagine. I was always in awe of the whole dress making process, from pieces of cut fabric pieces together is a particular order became a dress or a blouse. This process of transformation I still love today. Taking a piece of metal or several pieces and transforming them into a piece of handmade jewellery. The same focus and order needed with each stage.

The texture that I have tried to replicate on the Circa Hoops Earrings  is of a beautiful waffle cotton fabric, rolled onto the silver to make a permanent impression on the front and back of the earrings.

The Circa Ribbon Earrings are long and replicated the movement of a piece of ribbon.

And the popular Circa Column Earrings that are opposite, represent the inspiring ancient Greek monuments we still admire today.

Perfect gifts for special birthdays.




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