New beginnings in the time of corona.

That is how I would describe this Mothers Day. I opened the shop during this uncertain time and invited some local makers to join me in my shop leading up to Mother's Day. You know all that pivoting talk, well, I pivoted!

What started off as an idea that self-isolation doesn't mean we have to stop experiencing art and joy, and the connection it brings us, resulted in a super two weeks. The makers and the inner west community discovered each other for the first time. Practicing social distancing and hand hygiene was constant and will continue for some time.

It really was a celebration of mothers and most importantly our best self as women, makers, and artists.

The success of the last two weeks was overwhelming. A big thank you to our Inner west community who were so excited to discover so many beautiful unique ceramics, ceramic jewellery, and beautiful bespoke floral art and arrangements alongside my jewellery. This has sparked the idea for me to select and showcase in the shop regular makers whose work I love and choose to inspire and excite you, and most importantly will be affordable.


The artists whose work was showcased were: Lisa Holzl, Kirstin Vournelis, Monika Lencse, Blaithin Ni Leannain, and Jo Boag whom I met during my Thursday night open ceramics class last year.

Stay tuned for more.



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