Almond and Coconut cookies

Almond and Coconut cookies

These biscuits remind me of my family visiting friends homes on the weekend, standing on the doorstep with a plate of sweets covered in a sheet of cellophane and a curly ribbon. That anticipation of what is under that cellophane was always exciting, especially if it was a new dish or one not so regularly made. Each home had its well known repertoire.

There are many variations of this recipe called "amygdalota" depending which region of Greece, there variations of this sweet  in Italian and French kitchens.

This recipe was shared by my gorgeous cousin Hellen, it is simplified and so yummy. It's is like a cheats version of "amygdalota."

Almonds happen to symbolize happiness, prosperity and new beginnings, so 'amygdalota' cookies are present at most Greek baptisms and weddings, along with other almond treats such as the sugared almonds "koufeta", usually five almonds are wrapped together and given to the guests.

In typical Mediterranean tradition the quantities in the recipe below are not exact, use your intuition, or bake one first and see how it goes. :)

Almond and coconut cookie recipe:

1 can condensed milk

Shredded coconut (as needed to make a thick mixture you can roll into the almonds)

Almond slithers

Mix all the ingredients together,

Dollop onto tray.

Top with glace cherries (optional) 

Bake in a moderate 160*C oven for about 12- 15 mins.


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