Wire Jewellery Project Workshop Classes

Handmade Jewellery Project.

You will walk away wearing your newly created jewellery using sterling silver wire to create a pair of earrings and two pendants, with your choice of real stone beads and/or pearls.

A New Jewellery making skill.

As a complete beginner, this 2 hour workshop is fantastic in getting you started on your jewellery making journey. If you have already done jewellery making, you can add another technique to your skills toolbox and incorporate it into your future designs.
The classes are small, so you can progress along comfortably during the short time frame. Classes are run in my personal workshop. All the materials, tools, and light snacks are included.

How to book a class?

Just use the options below to pick dates and times slots.
If you have been given a voucher, choose the voucher options and select your dates. Please bring your voucher with you.
I look forward to seeing you at the workshop.


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