Perfume jasmine, neroli, geranium

Essential oil perfumes will react with the the chemistry of your body to create a truly unique & intimate personal fragrance. 

The bottle is perfectly sized for you to carry with you throughout the day should you wish to reapply. If you prefer a longer lasting scent, apply your fragrance to the small cloth provided with your perfume, it can be placed in a pocket, or tucked in to an undergarment.

Jasmine, Neroli & Geranium essential oils create this beautifully intense floral, uplifting & exotic natural perfume.

Jasmine is a highly prized oil and is harvested in the evening when the flowers are at their most fragrant.

Neroli oil is harvested from the blossom of the bitter orange tree and adds a bright top note to the fragrance.

Geranium adds green & floral notes.

This natural perfume is the perfect match for any floral lover.


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Type: Fragrance

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