Crystal Facial Roller

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A skincare tool made from real crystal. The ideal excuse for some end-of-day ‘me time’ – soothing post-work stresses and enhancing your evening time skincare routine.

What are the benefits of using a Face Roller?

When you combine the rolling action with healing crystals, it helps to:

  • Helps to depuff
  • Eliminates toxins
  • Reduces inflammation
  • Relieves sinus pressure
  • Helps to reduce wrinkles
  • Promotes lymphatic drainage
  • Improves blood flow and circulation
  • Soothes redness (when applied cold)
  • Strengthen and tones Facial Muscles
  • Helps the skin absorb serums and oils
  • Helps stimulate and rejuvenate skin elasticity
  • Releases stress and tension in facial muscles

What products to use with your Face Roller?

They can be used with any sheet masks, serums, moisturizers and facial oils deep of your choice. 

How to use your Face Roller?

Here are some tips about how to use the roller. There are two different ways to use the roller.  One is in a gentle downward movement.  This is detoxifying and stimulates lymphatic drainage.  The second is in a more vigorous and rejuvenating upward movement. 

  • Starting with the larger roller, work your way from your neck to your forehead.
  • Keep on rolling out from the chin along the jawline.
  • Roll from the nose outwards towards the ears.
  • Roll along the forehead upward and outwards from the middle point between the eyebrows.
  • Using the smaller head, start under the eyes by rolling horizontally above and below the eye.
  • You can also use the smaller head to roll from the nose to the middle point between the eyebrows.

Don't wash the roller, just wipe with a tissue or cloth.

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