Meet The Sydney Designer

Connie Dimas Jewellery - Once discovered, never forgotten

Jewellery is an expression of how we see ourselves, our moods, our joys and our challenges. It is a reflection of our life’s journey – both the heirloom pieces we cherish and the modern pieces we enjoy daily.

Connie Dimas Jewellery is timeless, classic … simplicity with a clever twist of individuality.

Connie follows a unique, organic approach to jewellery making. She uses her innate talents and her artist’s eye for detail in collaboration with her extensive knowledge of traditional jewellery making techniques to produce work that is excellent quality.

Inspiration is drawn from geometric patterns, historical references, art, nature and the materials themselves such as the colour of a stone and the way it catches the light. Texture and surface is also a signature of Connie's pieces.

All collections feature original designs made in Australia using sustainable, locally sourced materials whenever possible. 

View the collection online or visit her Sydney inner west store.



I was first introduced to Connie's jewellery after admiring a pair of earrings worn by a friend.  What I like about Connie's jewellery is the simplicity of the design that has an interesting often organic edge from the materials.

Jan Gifford